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This section of the site is intended to provide information to resellers and press on Xerox products. You will find high resolution product shots and logos, datasheets, descriptions, and sales set up sheets. If you need more information, please contact us.

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DocuMate 752 Logo

DocuMate 752

P/N : 97-0014-000


UPC : 785414109463

Product Logo & Graphic

DM752.bmp.zip803.7 KB
DM752.eps.zip1.5 MB
DM752.jpg124.7 KB
DM752.tif730.1 KB
DM752_img1.jpg49.1 KB
DM752_logo.gif20.9 KB
DM752_logo.jpg53.1 KB
DM752_logo.tif73.3 KB


GermanDM752_Datasheet.DE.pdf3.3 MB
SpanishDM752_Datasheet.ES.pdf1.5 MB
FrenchDM752_Datasheet.FR.pdf3.3 MB
ItalianDM752_Datasheet.IT.pdf3.3 MB
DutchDM752_Datasheet.NL.pdf1.7 MB
PortugueseDM752_Datasheet.PT.pdf1.6 MB
English (UK)DM752_Datasheet.UK.pdf725.9 KB
English (US)DM752_Datasheet.US.pdf1.6 MB

Performance and Image Quality Expectations Guide

Sales Documents

DM752 25-50-100 words.pdf11.4 KB
DM752 25-50-100 words.pdf16.3 KB
DM752 Sales Setup Sheet.pdf13.1 KB
DM752 VRS Pro 25-50-100 words.pdf11.4 KB
DM752 VRS Pro Sales Setup Sheet.pdf13.1 KB

Certificates & Compliance

DM752_CB_Test_Certificate.pdf49.1 KB
DM752_CE_Verification_Of_Compliance.pdf9.4 MB
DM752_ENERGY_STAR_cert.pdf32.8 KB
DM752_Section508.EN.pdf1.4 MB

Product API



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