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Scanners to provide powered solutions for Government sectors
Scanners to provide powered solutions for Government sectors

Legal Solutions

Scanning in the legal environment

Anyone working in the legal sector i.e. solicitors, barristers, courts and administrators all handle and manage substantial quantities of paper on a daily basis. A lawyers billable hours maybe their stock and trade, but a signature on paper is the medium of much of the legal system. Documents form the basis of communication, reference, negotiation and execution of contracts, laws and evidence. The amount of paper that fuels and is processed in the legal system is enormous.

The offices of many legal firms are inundated with boxes and filing cabinets full of paper. It is expensive to store and retrieval requires human intervention to physically search and verify the document in question. Once found, the document usually is handled further (copied or mailed) adding expense to inconvenience. Then there is the expectation that the document is returned to the proper file location, and the risk is that it is not filed correctly.

Scanning incoming and legacy documents into PDF format with Xerox DocuMate Scanners can change the entire document paradigm in a legal office. Xerox have a broad range of scanners with varying speeds and paper handling choices to streaming the paper-to-digital conversion at the desktop and departmental level. Xerox Scanners come equipped with award-winning software solutions which are ideal for scanning in the legal environment.

Highlights include:

  • Allows mixed sized media to be scanned in one batch via a robust document feeder. This means that the documents don't need to be sorted in advance of scanning as they can all be scanned at the same time in the same batch.
  • Auto detect if the document is colour or B&W and save them to the correct format in one batch. This is a useful feature because if all documents scanned in the same batch were treated as colour the file size would be huge, so automatically just scans B&W documents in B&W to reduce file size.
  • Auto rotation of the document so that it is always displayed the right way up. Automatically detects when a document in a batch has been scanned upside down and rotates it so all documents are the same.
  • Initiate a workflow with the touch of one button. Visioneer OneTouch provides an easy to use scanning experience that sends your scanned document to nearly any destination by simply touching a buttons on your scanner. The scanned file is automatically delivered to a folder, email, Microsoft Office application, a local or network printer, a custom application or even the cloud. The resolution, colour depth, file format and paper size are all pre-set, but can be changed at any time. OneTouch is also integrated with Visioneer Acuity, which means the image enhancement features are all available with the simplicity of one button scanning.

Xerox DocuMate 4799

Versatility, high-speed and superior reliability make the Xerox® DocuMate® 4799 a powerful scanner for demanding environments. With up to a 40,000 page per day duty cycle, this innovative workhorse scans up to 112 pages per minute and employs three advanced sensor systems: ultrasonic double feed detection, stapled document detection and intelligent feed control to ensure that your scan job will not get interrupted.

Up to 350 mix-sized documents can be stacked together in the automatic feed tray without worry because the Xerox® DocuMate® 4799 employs not one, but three ultrasonic double feed detection sensors to cover the entire width of a document. The scanner also detects stapled multi-page documents and halts the scanning process - minimizing damage to the optical glass and your documents. The thickness of documents being fed into the scanner is also monitored, automatically adjusting the roller pressure to ensure that all pages are accurately fed. This combination of sensors creates one of the most reliable feed mechanisms available today.

Xerox DocuMate 4790

The Xerox® DocuMate® 4790 is the ideal scanner for both large-volume and distributed scanning environments. It has a duty cycle of up to 15,000 sheets per day and has been engineered with innovative features for easy operation and productive batch scanning, including stapled document, ultrasonic double feed detection and support for long document scanning.

A highly reliable and compact document scanner, the Xerox® DocuMate® 4790 scans up to 90 ppm and 180 ipm and includes a 200-page Automatic Document Feeder that accepts up to A3 size documents and can handle nearly any mix of paper in various sizes and thicknesses. Its unique paper feed mechanism minimises the possibility of damaging important documents and ensures precise feeding to make your office work even more efficient.