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Enabling mobile workers with Xerox scanners
Enabling mobile workers with Xerox scanners

Enabling the Virtual Workforce

The workplace is transforming, and your technology should too. Our industry leading mobile scanners will make your workspace complete, wherever that may be.

Enable the virtual workforce with Xerox document scanners

Embracing the flexible work style

Many employers now give employees the flexibility to choose a work schedule, style and location that works best for them. This flexibility allows employees to have a better work-life balance. Today, a work-from-home employee can take care of their kids and start their work day after sending them off to school, a yoga instructor can teach a class in the morning and then start their work day at a coffee shop, and a travel enthusiast can log on from the airport as they wait to depart on their next adventure. Embracing and enhancing an untraditional worker’s mobility can lead to increased satisfaction, creativity and productivity. An engaged workforce will also be more committed and driven to help see the businesses they support succeed.

Business as usual

To be successful in offering this flexibility, companies need to make sure that distance will not delay necessary business procedures. Virtual employees need to be able to digitize, store, and share business-critical documents with team members as quickly as possible. Mobile scanners make this a reality.

The Mobile line-up

Our mobile scanners offer many conveniences for a virtual worker. Most importantly, the scanners and bundled software packages allow employees to scan, organize and share documents from a home office or on the road – then lose the paper.

Here are two scanners to consider for your virtual workforce:

Xerox Duplex Portable Scanner: This scanner sits comfortably on any desk, yet is a productivity workhorse that can scan, store and organize up to 1,000 pages per day.

Xerox Duplex Portable Scanner

Xerox Duplex Travel Scanner: Weighing a little more than a small water bottle, this scanner allows employees to travel comfortably between remote work locations while staying connected to business-critical processes.

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