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Save your time and money with xerox scanners
Save your time and money with xerox scanners

7-ways document scanners can save you time and money

From digitising archives to handling the paperwork businesses rely on, here's why the right document scanner can prove invaluable

Handle cost of paper based documents using xerox scanners

1.Cut the hassle and cost of handling paper-based documents

For many organisations, paper forms remain a fact of life. Logistics companies, for instance, could still be working with delivery slips, and with, say, 30 drivers out there handling 50 deliveries a day, the amount of paperwork soon builds up. Any reduction in the time and effort made to process all those forms will result in lower workloads, and in the long run will lead to lower operating costs. Like several Xerox scanners, the DocuMate 5460 comes bundled with Dokmee Capture, a powerful scanning tool that captures information from paper-based documents and transforms it into usable, searchable and fully indexed data. Set up templates for your forms, and Dokmee Capture can process them at the speed they take to scan. In our logistics company example, paper-based forms become useful business information within minutes of the driver returning to base.

2.Make use of all your information

When you work on paper, you're not working with the latest information. The faster you can make the content of forms or correspondence readable, searchable and ready for analysis, the sooner it becomes an asset to your company. If you're choosing a document scanner, make sure it's backed by powerful tools. Xerox document scanners come with Nuance PaperPort Professional 14, Nuance PDF Converter Professional 7, OmniPage Pro 18, Visioneer Acuity and Dokmee Capture, all of which can help you build new document workflows, and turn paper into PDFs in near real-time. This doesn't just have to be about new information: what about the information stored in company archives? Old forms, correspondence, case files and accounts become resources that can be searched, shared, analysed and used without someone having to root through filing cabinets. This might not just mean time and cost-savings, but real opportunities.

3.Raw speed, maximum reliability

The faster your document scanner works, the more pages it and the person operating it can get through on any given day. That can mean less time spent on form conversion or archiving products, and more time spent on other activities or the ability to make more efficient use of the available staff. The Xerox DocuMate 5460, for example, is a fearsomely speedy scanner, outputting 60 single pages per minute or 120 pages per minute in duplex mode, with an automatic document feeder with a 75 page capacity to keep the pages moving through. However, great speed is nothing without true reliability. Xerox designs its scanners bearing this in mind, with rollers that rotate left and right to reduce skew while scanning or a double-feed prevention roller that reverses rotation the instant the leading document leaves the paper feed, so that two pages aren't fed through at once.

4.Smart software for better

The optics and sensors in Xerox's scanners are built for high-speed scans that don't compromise on quality, but there are times when the original documents may be faded, poorly printed or hard to read. Scans that don't yield their information are no good to anyone, but Xerox ships its scanners with software such as Visioneer Acuity and Nuance PaperPort Professional that can process scans automatically to get the most accurate and detailed image of every character and every word. Processed scans are output ready for optical character recognition (OCR) and/or conversion to PDF, with every step automated as heavily as possible to save effort and time.

5.Easy, workflow-driven scanning

Xerox document scanners are designed to fit into business workflows, empowering users to get more done, more efficiently. The Visioneer OneTouch Scan utility, for example, scans automatically to email, print, a Word document or a file folder, and can even scan to the cloud. Use PaperPort Professional and PDF Convertor Professional 7, and you can scan directly to PDF,transforming up to 75 pages into one fully searchable document in less than 90 seconds. You can even scan directly to the cloud. Use Dokmee Capture, and forms become data in a database in minutes. However and wherever you want to store and manage your documents, Xerox document scanners can help you get it to the right place, in the right shape, faster.

6.No artificial limits

Too many document solutions come with artificial limitations or unnecessary cost implications. Some make you pay as you go to keep scanning pages, while others have a sliding payment structure that changes with the speed you scan. Xerox teamed up with Dokmee and Dokmee Capture because it offers unlimited scanning capabilities without these limitations, and supports every Xerox scanner, without making speed an issue. Dokmee Capture is a complete, turn-key solution for scanning large quantities of documents, with the most powerful automated datacapture options and reporting and editing tools around. It hasn't been limited on any level, enabling your company to make the most of Xerox's document scanners and solutions.

7.Effective OCR that beats language barriers

Xerox scanners come with powerful OCR software that converts paper-based documents into digital text with incredible accuracy. Many firms need to work with more than one language, however. Take a firm with branches in London and Paris, for example: the head office may have to deal with documents in English and in French; no-one wants workflow to slow down while language settings are changed and/or software is restarted. With Xerox document scanners and Dokmee Capture, it's possible to scan documents in any two of 165 supported languages, with the OCR systems switching from one to the other on the fly. One scanner and one workstation can serve two languages, cutting down on hardware and software investments, headcount and operating costs.

Why choose a document scanner at all ?

Paper remains key technology for almost every business it's instant-on, boasts amazing battery life, and can be an amazing collaborative resource but it needs to be treated with respect.Not only can vital information be lost, it's also Easy to ignore the valuable information often locked away in paper archives. Perhaps your business holds a huge archive of forms, records, paperwork and correspondence, with a need to Convert them to a digital format as efficiently as possible. Perhaps you need to continue working with paper-based forms, and are looking for more effective ways of bringing the data stored in that format into the digital sphere. In any of these cases, document scanners can help you save both time and money. A combination of fast, reliable, high-performance hardware and intelligent bundled software can provide many of the benefits of pure digital workflows. and you may well be shocked by the speed and flexibility that many modern scanners can offer. The same combination can also make shorter work of those huge archives, and help organisations prepare for the future. from mobile scanners, affordable desktop and workgroup scanners to heavy-duty departmental workhorses, xerox has a solution to fit every company's needs. In fact, a versatile desktop model, such as the DocuMate 5460, can cover a whole range of requirements, from electronic archiving to real-time scan-to-pdf workflows or high-speed form conversion. Visit xeroxscanners.com to find the perfect scanner for your needs or contact eusales@xeroxscanners.com to request a trial unit.