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Advance Exchange Warranty Program

Warranty Program

Standard Advance Exchange Warranty

AUR (Advance Unit Replacement)

All Xerox® DocuMate® scanners come with localised in-country telephone-based technical support. An online Knowledgebase for troubleshooting and support information is available 24/7 at Knowledgebase

Every Xerox® DocuMate® scanner includes a standard one-year warranty. Standard warranty protects against hardware failure due to manufacturing defects. Under this warranty, if a scanner is deemed defective by our technical support department, an exchange will be made using advance unit replacement process at no cost to the customer. The customer keeps the replacement unit.

Warranty upgrades are available through our 3 year Advance Exchange or On-Site Service warranties, (Continental European countries only).

Advanced Exchange Warranty

Extended warranties can be purchased for up to 3 (5 for production scanners) years of continuous coverage for Xerox® DocuMate® scanners. See reverse for model specific warranty coverage options.

On-Site Warranty

On-Site Warranty coverage is the ultimate service plan and is currently only available on selected production scanners. For more details please refer to the Warranty Options Datasheet. If a scanner covered under the On-Site Warranty is deemed defective, a technician will be dispatched on-site Monday Friday 09:0-17:30 (local time) to initiate repair within 8 hours or the next business day, depending on the time of day the call was made. On-Site service can be purchased from 3 and up to 5 years of continuous coverage.

Product Registration Required

Product Registration Required Standard or upgrade warranty registration required to receive warranty.Visit www.xeroxscanners.com and click on Register Your Product link.

Please see the Warranty Options Datasheet for more details.