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The Easy Way To Find Your Scanner

Mobile, Personal, Flatbed, ADF, Combo, Workgroup, Production? If you’re surprised at the many types of scanners that are available, this simple tool can help you get a better sense of what you need. Once you find your best fit you can check out the details or head straight to our shop to pick one up.

7 Ways Document Scanners Can Save You Time And Money

You may be wondering why you should be looking to a scanner for your organization, but aren’t sure how the investment in one more technology tool will pay off. From digitizing archives to handling the paperwork businesses rely on, here's why the right document scanner can prove invaluable.

Vital Tools For Enabling the Virtual Workforce

The workplace is transforming, and your technology should too. Millenials are now the majority of our workforce. Virtual work is commonplace. These trends make a digital workplace mandatory. Our industry leading mobile scanners are the onramp to a digital workplace, wherever that may be.

Improving Healthcare, From Compliance To Patient Experience

Healthcare is shifting into the digital age. Government is requiring providers to digitize their paper records into electronic medical records. And patients are expecting more participation in their healthcare decisions and full access to their medical history. See how document capture helps it all happen.

Enabling The Public Sector To Become A Digital Government

Whether at the local, state or federal level, electronic content management for government agencies continues to be a challenging undertaking. While paper continues to be a big part of citizens’ experience and managing agency documents is challenging, capturing them shouldn't be. See how we help.

Managing All That Paper In The Legal Environment

We know that the amount of paper that fuels and is processed in the legal system is enormous. Documents form the basis of communication, reference, contracts, laws and evidence. But the digital world means organizing, discovery, search and retrieval. Moving that paper to the digital realm is the trick.