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Scanners to provide powered solutions for Government sectors
Scanners to provide powered solutions for Government sectors

Government Solutions

Equipping federal agencies to embrace a digital government

Managing agency documents is challenging, capturing them shouldn't be.

Whether at the local, state or federal level, electronic content management for government agencies continues to be a challenging undertaking. With multiple regulations and requirements, often spread over numerous software platforms, the goal of collecting, managing and delivering digital information within a government organization can prove difficult even under the best of circumstances. We understand these challenges and our wide range of TAA compliant scanners are being used in all branches of government. From the military to motor vehicle agencies to correction facilities our customers already know just how powerful and flexible our scanners are.

Xerox® DocuMate® scanners are designed to improve records management, productivity and meet regulatory compliance requirements of U.S. Government agencies and private sector users who require GSA/TAA-compliant products. With award winning desktop, departmental and production scanners along with some of the industry's best warranties and service options let us take the challenge out of your document capture needs

Let us help you build an imaging solution that will:

  • Convert data from paper to digital and keep it accurate, organized and accessible
  • Make records management more cost-effective
  • Maintain records to be compliant with new government mandates
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Enhance information delivery to constituents
  • Support the Managing Government Records Directive

The Presidential Directive on Managing Government Records

"The current federal records management system is based on an outdated approach involving paper and filing cabinets. Today's action will move the process into the digital age so the American public can have access to clear and accurate information about the decisions and actions of the Federal Government."

The US Government is one of the largest organizations in the world that uses paper for everyday work process.

For many organizations, the challenges of document management seem overwhelming. The US District Courts have six- hundred offices throughout the US that manually process hundreds of thousands of court records and other types of data. Millions of medical documents for Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine personnel are stored at various bases, ships and countries around the world. In recent years the US Government has recognized the need to have all these documents scanned into searchable files and accessible to different branch offices of the US.

The Presidential Directive on Managing Government Records, in addition to the "Freeze the Footprint" mandate, FOIA and information-centered initiatives such as the Open Data Policy, have provided federal organizations with a new set of challenging guidelines for putting records in order.

Government document management has been dramatically impacted by the transformation of our digital society. While paper documents are still very much a part of government operations, the goal is to move from paper to electronic files. The primary challenge is to convert paper-based information to digital and keep it accurate, organized and accessible.

Faxes, shipping forms, brochures, spreadsheets, business cards, hand written notes, letter head and colored paper are just a few examples of documents that can be difficult for a scanner to copy. Xerox® DocuMate® scanners include advanced imaging enhancement tools that improve the visual quality of scanned images. Users can scan with confidence while the software intelligently modifies every page after being scanned to a crisp and clean image. Resulting files are easily read by the human eye and more clearly recognized by optical character recognition software for converting to text. This means that even legacy documents stored in filing cabinets in government offices can be scanned and made accessible, relevant and operational.

Agencies will be able to process and verify records in a matter of minutes rather than days, ensuring optimum efficiency and productivity.

Major Deadlines within the Presidential Directive on Managing Government Records
2013 2013-2014 2014 2013-16 2016 2019
All records must be inventoried to ensure permanent records more than 30 years old are reported to NARA, and all unscheduled records stored at NARA must be identified as well. Plans must be developed and implemented to transition necessary permanent records to digital formats Records Management (RM) training must be established to inform employees of the new responsibilities, policies and laws. Enterprise content management plans must be built out to ensure electronic transfer to NARA's Electronic Records Archives (ERA) when ready. Both permanent and temporary email records must be managed in an accessible electronic format. All electronic permanent records must be stored/managed in electronic format.
Ongoing requirements call for RM to be incorporated into cloud strategies and solutions in the future.

How can Xerox® DocuMate® Scanners help?

With features like hidden driver settings, administrative security, OneTouch scanning, programmatic scanning overrides, continuous batch mode, long document support, auto image clean up and more, our capture solutions remove limitations and make the complex simple. Our Sales Engineers can assist with custom configurations, supported integrations and deployment strategies.