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If you need productivity-focused scanners that connect to virtually any application, our industry leading DocuMate scanners provide robust features with one touch ease of use operation.

Perfect Scans with One Touch of a Button
Learn how to reduce many scanning steps to One Touch.

Need to Scan directly to Microsoft SharePoint?
Deliver Paper to SharePoint easier than electronic documents.

Departmental and Production   Featured
Duplex scanning at over 60 images per minute.

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DocuMate 3640
List Price: €1,172.00
 DocuMate 4760
List Price: €2,911.00
 DocuMate 4790
List Price: €4,233.00
 DocuMate 4799
List Price: €7,612.00
Desktop and Workgroup   Featured
Simplex scanning at over 10 pages per minute.
Duplex scanning up to 76 images per minute.

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DocuMate 3220
List Price: €324.00
 DocuMate 4440
List Price: €669.00
 DocuMate 3125
List Price: €393.00
 DocuMate 5445
List Price: €790.00
Mobile   Featured
Lightweight portable scanning.

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DocuMate 3115 (Scanner + Docking Station)
List Price: €330.00
 Travel Scanner 150
List Price: €138.00
 Xerox Mobile Scanner SD
List Price: €192.00
 Xerox Duplex Travel Scanner
List Price: €137.00


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