Technical Support

Technical Support

There is a committment to quality and customer satisfaction built into each Xerox product. The technical support pages include installation and troublshooting assistance, downloadable manuals and drivers, and contact information.

Departmental Scanners


Workgroup Scanners

DocuMate 752

DocuMate 632

DocuMate 272

DocuMate 262i

DocuMate 262
DocuMate 632   DocuMate 252

DocuMate 150

DocuMate 152

DocuMate 162

DocuMate 250

DocuMate 515

DocuMate 520

DocuMate 510
DocuMate 252

Mobile & Photo Scanners


Discontinued Products

TravelScanner 100

TravelScanner 100   Xerox 6400 Xerox 6400
Xerox 7600 Xerox 7600   Xerox 4800

Xerox 2400
Xerox 2400 and 4800


For instructions on reinstalling your scanner driver, choose your operating system below:

For instructions on performing a quick uninstall, choose your operating system below:

If you still have questions, search the KnowledgeBase.