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Bridge the paper-digital divide

Paper remains a key technology for almost every business – it’s instant-on, boasts amazing battery life, and can be a great collaborative resource. But the downsides are obvious: Vital information can be lost, damaged, or incorrectly typed into a database. Plus, it’s easy to ignore valuable data locked away in paper archives. And physical document storage requires big costs and lots of space.

Maybe you need to continue working with paper-based forms, and you’re looking for an effective way to bring their data into the digital sphere. Or maybe you need to convert older forms and records to a digital format as efficiently as possible.

In either case, document scanners are your on-ramp to digital and can make short work of all that paper, saving you time and money.

One touch to make your information accessible

When you work on paper, you’re working with offline, local information. The faster you can make the content of forms or critical paper documents readable, searchable and ready for analysis, the sooner it becomes an asset to your company. Xerox scanners feature Visioneer® OneTouch® software. It scans automatically to a broad range of standard or custom destinations – email, print, PDF, network folders and cloud destinations like Google Drive, Google Docs and Xerox® DocuShare® – all with the touch of a button, saving many steps in the process.

Don’t miss a single word

The image sensors in Xerox scanners are built for high speed without compromising quality, but there are times when original documents may be faded, poorly printed or hard to read. Scans that don't yield their information are no good to anyone. Fortunately, Xerox scanners feature Visioneer’s Acuity intelligent image enhancement technology, automatically delivering the most accurate and detailed scans to their destinations. This is critical to integrating scanned information to a final application, saving even more time and labor-intensive steps.

Boost productivity with reliability and raw speed

The faster and more accurately your document scanners work, the more paper information you can make digital every day. This means less time spent on form conversion or archiving, and more time for other activities – but only if you have reliable, robust and simple-to-operate scanning technology. Xerox departmental scanners are reliable, high-performance and high-value solutions that reduce the time you spend handling and post-processing the daily paper. Your staff’s time savings alone deliver a strong return on investment.

Bring your historical records to the cloud

Think about information stored in company archives. Old forms, correspondence, case files and accounts can become resources that could be searched, shared, analyzed and used without someone having to root through filing cabinets. Continuing to retain paper archives leads to storage space and labor costs, and risk of loss. Don’t let past knowledge die in paper storage. Xerox production scanners change scanning economics with our proprietary Parallel Scanning – a great fit for digital transformation and backfile conversion projects.

Avoid legal, security and privacy compliance risks.

Government and industry mandates such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) place strict rules around protecting personally identifiable information (PII). Digital PII is more secure than paper due to encryption and access control, but can be hard to audit as it passes through networks to its destination. Xerox scanners’ primary interface is USB-to-PC, offering a secure chain of custody to your destination software. And Xerox scanners have no hard drives vulnerable to misuse, adding security and better regulatory compliance.

Improve customer experience and employee satisfaction

Sure, document scanners can help streamline your workflows and eliminate unnecessary steps. Scanning technology, built specifically to digitize paper, also enhances your employees’ satisfaction and productivity by saving time and simplifying their work. But one of the most obvious—and often overlooked—reasons to embrace document scanners is the benefit to your end customer. Faster onboarding, shorter wait times and instant access to information are all reasons your customers will be more satisfied. A good customer experience cements customer retention and recommendations to their associates and friends.

Next Steps:

Built from a heritage of innovation and featuring the original time-saving Visioneer OneTouch technology, Xerox has a scanning solution to fit any company's needs.