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Affordable convenience without compromises

If your job requires you to routinely scan mixed documents – multi-page documents, ID cards and passports, photos, notebooks – while working with customers or the public, scanning can be a hassle. Your choices are to walk away to a shared MFP or replace your personal printer with a personal MFP with slow, limited scanning functionality. Both choices make your customer wait and slow down your productivity.

Introducing the Xerox Duplex Combo Scanner. Take a look at the video to see the story.

The Xerox Duplex Combo Scanner combines a surprising combination of low price, strong performance and ease of use. The small, lightweight package offers a perfect solution to workspaces that need to add mixed-document scanning without replacing existing printers or MFPs. It’s an ideal solution for small office environments – home office, retail, banking, education, public services, healthcare to name a few.

How does the Duplex Combo Scanner stand out from the competition?

Speed. At 25 pages and true duplex 50 images per minute, the Xerox Duplex Combo Scanner outperforms competitive scanners in its price range.

Convenience. The combination of a lightweight, small package and power of Visioneer’s 9 OneTouch workflows on the simple control panel make scanning easy.

Value. Most desktop combination scanners force a tradeoff between cost and performance. The Duplex combo Scanner carries the lowest price in its class.

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