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Key challenges in production scanning

Production scanning is serious business involving huge page volumes, yet operators face issues with today’s production scanners. When the scanner’s tray is empty, it sits idle for up to 50% of the day while new scan batches are prepared. High speed scan processing can significantly slow down when it hits the PC. And of course, if the scanner’s down, your operation is down.

Introducing Parallel Scanning

Computing and even basic electrical circuits have used the concept of parallel processing for decades. Parallel Scanning applies the same principle to production scanning. In short, you can connect up to ten Xerox scanners to one host PC and run them concurrently, at speed. This breakthrough innovation solves today’s production scanning challenges.


Disruptive Economics

Parallel scanning disrupts the economics of production scanner prices. Simply put, 2 Xerox DocuMate 6710 light production scanners (200 pages per minute) cost less than half of competitors’ 150 ppm scanners – and 3 6710s (300 ppm) cost less than 30% of competitive 210ppm high speed production scanners.

Parallel Scanning in action

See how our exclusive Parallel Scanning technology changes the game for production scanning.

All about the new Xerox DocuMate 6710 production scanner

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