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Ten signs you need a scanner

Ten signs you need to invest in new scanner technology

Digital transformation is on. Smartphones can pretty much do anything with their cameras. The office MFP is now a cool, new cloud-connected application hub. Digital natives are more than half of the workforce. All big changes that are redefining work.

So: Why would I buy a scanner? Here are ten surprising reasons that they’re vital to connecting the physical world of work with the digital workplace. How many of these describe you?

The daily paper

Incoming paper documents are part of the daily routine in your office. They need to be digitized throughout the day or everything stops. Scanners are built solely for capture and digital transformation, and can free up your other document technology for other applications.

Someone at the window

You serve the public – citizens, clients, patients, customers. Forms are brought in. Lines form unless that paper is quickly brought online. Small desktop scanners connect directly to PCs, enabling direct data delivery into IT applications. Great for retail and government.

CEO found out about Digital Transformation

You have bankers’ boxes full of documents, and you hear people talking about the new “backfile conversion” project. If you need to digitize your paper records, production scanners are built for reams of pages per day, with software technology to scan at full speed.

There’s a line at the copier

You have a great MFP – it does everything you need. But frequent walk-up scanning creates a queue. People need to print and copy, not stand in line. Routine heavy scanning on MFPs can interrupt access to other uses. Scanners are built to complement MFPs.

Annoying media

Some applications need to scan unusual physical things. ID cards. Passports. Book pages. Thick stock. Battered stapled documents. Desktop scanners are built to handle cards and other special media – perfect for applications such as patient check-ins or customs.

Giant scanner in the mailroom

The highest volume of paper in your office is in the mailroom. Scanning is done in big daily batches. Smooth out the workflow. Small high-speed scanners are bringing document capture directly into to departmental groups, improving efficiency and saving time.

IT needs digital paper

IT systems need accurate data and intelligent integration with their core platforms. Inaccurate data from paper can corrupt the whole system. Scanner software is built to transform document content, pipe it directly into IT application data, and make it useful.

Someone keeps breaking our MFP

Doing more than your document feeder in that MFP was built for can cause unnecessary downtime and disruption. Printing and copying go down too. Not good. High-speed departmental scanners are built for high daily duty-cycles and can offload shared MFP workload.

ECM practiced here

There's a great new Enterprise Content Management application in your company. It works well for digital files. But what can it do with paper? Scanners are a key resource for direct capture of incoming ECM data, and can deliver that data directly into the ECM platform.

It’s about time

Your sturdy office scanner is 6 years old, slow and unreliable. It’s slowing things down in the office, and nothing else does what it can do. Today's scanning technology is bringing new speed and reliability to lower price points in smaller packages. It’s worth looking.

Xerox DocuMate scanners are built for the things that scanning does best. High speed thanks to PC direct-connect via USB. Software that unlocks the data in documents with precision and quality. High duty cycles and volume capacity. Built for dedicated use. Robust media handling. We hope you'll take a moment to see what we can do for you.