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Secure Mobile and Network Scanning

Visioneer VAST Network® Technology Changes The Game

New software technology makes document capture on your Xerox® scanner accessible wherever you need it.



Key challenges in work-from-anywhere economy

Traditional scanning has long been limited to a single-user, USB-to-PC tethered approach, and workflows with limited document security. These limitations are no longer sufficient for today’s distributed workplace, where virtual workers and IT administrators alike require safe document capture to network and cloud locations.


Visioneer VAST Network©

Our new Visioneer VAST Network© technology offers a comprehensive scanner software architecture that provides secure, shared document capture for the networked, cloud and mobile environments of today’s digital workplace. An open, platform-agnostic, driverless and secure world of scanning has arrived.

Visioneer VAST Network© consists of several software components and is an extended implementation of TWAIN Direct©, an open-source, zero footprint image acquisition protocol to drive secure network scanning devices via web-based or local network client applications, removing the requirement for a PC-based local driver.


Visioneer Network Scan Service

Today's workforce demands top-flight technology, yet hardware investments are often limited. With Visioneer Network Scan Service, supported USB-connected Xerox® scanners can now be shared with coworkers and colleagues across a LAN or wireless network. Once the scanner is visible on the network, other users can connect and capture documents with Visioneer OneTouch and Capture SE software – or TWAIN Direct© applications - from their PC. By "up-converting" existing scanner technology, all supported Xerox® scanners can be used as network devices, capable of supporting multiple users in office and remote locations.

Check Visioneer Network Scan Service availability on your Xerox® scanner here.


Visioneer Mobile Capture

We’re taking document capture completely mobile. Now available in the Google Play Store (Android devices) and the App Store (iOS devices), the Visioneer Mobile Capture app utilizes Visioneer VAST Network® scanner protocol to capture documents on your mobile device directly from a LAN- or Internet-connected Xerox® scanner.

Check Visioneer Mobile Capture availability on your Xerox® scanner here.