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Scanning investment - a big bet

Choosing the right scanner for workgroups and large departments is a big decision. If you need a dedicated scanner, you’ve got critical information coming into your office on paper. Whether it’s day-to-day routine or a special archiving project, unlocking the data in that paper is a vital need. If the paper capture stops, your department’s workflow stops. And the phone rings from upstairs to understand why.

Solid solutions, high performance, great value

We’re proud of the DocuMate workgroup and departmental scanner family. These products are built with innovative design that’s ready to handle a heavy workload. We work hard to ensure that our offerings offer rugged, high quality solutions for serious scanning needs. What’s more, offering more performance at lower prices is a key priority across our offerings.


We’ve got you covered

Xerox scanners include solid support, 24/7 online resources and enhanced support options. Yet despite best efforts, you may face a product failure and need to remedy the situation quickly.

Things happen

That’s why we’re pleased to announce that all Xerox workgroup scanners now offer a 3-year return-and replace manufacturer’s warranty on scanners purchase on or after October 1, 2018. If anything goes wrong that can’t be corrected over the phone, you return the scanner and we’ll send a replacement. Simple.

Just one more reason to choose the DocuMate family for mission-critical document capture. We’re confident that our scanners are a secure investment, and are happy to underline that confidence with a 3-year safety net in the rare case that you ever need it.

Our flagship Xerox Documate 6400 series is a trio of award-winning departmental scanners, ranging from 40 to 80 pages per minute and feature time-saving productivity.

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Seven DocuMate scanners models offer the new 3-year warranty options.

DocuMate 6440

40ppm/80ipm, sheetfed scanner


DocuMate 6460

60ppm/120ipm, sheetfed scanner


DocuMate 6480

80ppm/160ipm, sheetfed scanner

DocuMate 3220

13ppm/26ipm, sheetfed + flatbed


DocuMate 5540

50ppm/100ipm, sheetfed + flatbed

DocuMate 4700

tabloid scanner 2.5 seconds per page


DocuMate 4830

tabloid scanner 30ppm/60ipm, sheetfed + flatbed
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