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Scan passports without leaving your desk

In this globalized, digital world, there’s a growing need for security—and to confirm proof of identity. Passports are critical for international relocation, banking, travel and more. They feed digital identity systems, but you must capture the passport data first.

People expect slow service whenever passports are involved. That’s where the Xerox Passport Scanner Accessory will surprise you. Watch the video to learn about this quick, nimble accessory.

The Xerox Passport Scanner Accessory adds simple, one-touch passport scanning to any Xerox® DocuMate® 6400 series departmental scanner. It sits under the desktop scanner and shares its power supply and USB port, saving space and cords. It can capture two passport pages in less than 2 seconds, and handles ID cards, photos and other small documents as well. Your client’s passport is scanned while they watch—greatly improving customer satisfaction.

How does the Passport Scanner Accessory stand out?

Best value. For an integrated solution that allows a flatbed passport scanning accessory to dock into an ADF scanner, the Xerox Passport Scanner Accessory is the most cost-effective in its class.

User friendly. Our conveniently located, 3-button control panel is extremely easy to use. Through integrated software, the passport scanner and DocuMate 6400 series ADF scanner can act as a single unit with simple OneTouch operation.

Secure. With a direct USB 3.0 PC connection, chain of custody is secure and not lost in the cloud.

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