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Enabling the Virtual Workforce

The workplace is transforming, and document technology is, too. Today’s new portable scanners complete your digital workspace, at home or in the field.

Born-digital Generation Z is entering the workforce while Millennials are dominating it. We’ve reached a tipping point where digital natives now make up more than half the working population. But it’s not just younger generations who expect mobile, always-on tools that work from anywhere. The rise of the social web is setting new baseline expectations for everyone. Smartphones make it easy to communicate, shop, research or socialize everywhere, all the time. People want the same flexibility from their work lives, yet much office technology was designed for shared workspaces in traditional office settings. Fortunately, a new generation of personal technology is ready to equip new generations of virtual workers.

Embracing flexibility and mobility

Think about how TiVo and Netflix time-shifted TV viewing. Now mobility is place-shifting the workplace. In fact, work is no longer a place. Work happens where you are, not necessarily where the office is. The virtual workplace is immersed in a digital realm. Yet many jobs still involve working face-to-face with customers and handling paper forms. Virtual workers need a way to get that physical data into the digital sphere—especially while untethered to an office. Mobile employees need to digitize, store and share business-critical documents with team members as quickly as possible. Portable, personal scanners can make this a reality.

On-the-go scenarios with paper problems

It’s not just virtual workers who need mobility and flexibility. Necessity breeds invention, and many circumstances dictate the need for portable, personal scanners. For example, pop-up emergency centers after natural disasters. When displaced citizens line up to do relief paperwork, portable scanners make quick work of processing forms. Healthcare workers can quickly bring information from ID cards and incoming forms into medical records systems with a small scanner. Or consider accountants who visit clients to gather the necessary information for filing taxes. If they can scan receipts and forms on-site, then there’s no need to copy or transport paper back and forth.

New technology for business as usual

A new breed of scanners is emerging to meet the needs of this virtual, mobile workforce. These new scanners combine the portability of a single-sheet, mobile scanner and the document handling and performance of a personal desktop scanner. This new breed of document scanners is the missing link for virtual workers. Lightweight, personal portable scanners are far more robust and precise than a smartphone camera. And they are infinitely more portable than personal multifunction printers (MFPs). They’re also easier to transport than departmental desktop scanners, and yet offer many of the same sophisticated tools. They can handle plastic ID cards and other tricky documents, and produce high-resolution, crisp scans critical for use in downstream applications like IT systems, medical records management or government databases.

Best of all, portable, personal scanners are extremely easy for any generation of virtual worker to use. Consider them the smartphone of scanners.

A personal, portable Xerox solution

Xerox has fielded a long line of slim, personal, mobile scanners--most recently the Xerox® Travel Scanner. The award-winning Xerox® Duplex Portable Scanner is our first “personal portable,” built to handle items as small as a driver’s license and as challenging as a 40-page contract. It’s a full-function, sheet-fed desktop scanner that folds up and moves aside when space is limited. And it can be powered via USB if you’re out in the field and don’t have access to an AC power outlet.

Visioneer® OneTouch® software sends files to their final destinations using customizable workflows, with the touch of a button.. Our personal scanners also feature Visioneer® Acuity® intelligent image enhancement and a solid software bundle that includes optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent search and a business card utility.

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