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Xerox DocuMate 4790/4799/6710 Imprinter Kit

Product Description

Xerox® Imprinter accessory for DocuMate® 765, 4790, and 4799 scanners.

Add distinct characters and tags to your scanned document.

By installing the optional imprinter kit into the scanner, the user has the ability to print specific characters on to the document before or after scanning, depending on the scanner model. By printing serial numbers, the scanned data can be tracked, matched and/or indexed with the original document. The printed characters are read as front side image and function as pre-imprinter (front face of document only) for the DocuMate 765 and 4790, and pre- and/or post-imprinter (front/back side of document) for the DocuMate 4799.


Package Contents

DocuMate 4790/4799/6710 Imprinter Kit

DocuMate 4790/4799/6710 Imprinter Kit

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