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Transforming Pharmacy Operations with McKesson and Xerox Scanners

In the intricate landscape of pharmacy operations, the confluence of technology serves as a catalyst for surmounting challenges and elevating efficiency. McKesson Corporation, a prominent figure in...

Upgrading Systems with Kofax and Xerox Scanners Technology

Looking to streamline your content-centric business processes and tackle unstructured data? Staying ahead of the game is critical, which is why Xerox Scanners and Kofax, a leader in intelligent document processing (IDP) technology, can...

Visioneer VAST Network technology changes the game

New software technology makes document capture on your Xerox scanner accessible wherever you need it.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Scan Proof of Identity

The Xerox Passport Scanner Accessory is a small flatbed that docks under your existing ADF scanner to quickly grab proof of identity. Scan passports and ID cards in seconds while your client watches. It saves time, boosts satisfaction and integrates seamlessly with existing software.

A New Solution for Mixed Documents at the Desktop

Whether you’re onboarding a client, patient or citizen, walking away to scan a few sheets and identity proof is a waste of your and their time. Desk space is an issue, and ease of use, speed, and image quality matter. So does cost. The new Xerox Duplex Combo Scanner solves the puzzle.

See How DocuMate 6400 Family Technology Stands Alone

Department-wide scanning requires reliability and a deep feature set. Aside from a strong price-performance ratio and 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, Xerox® DocuMate® 6400 scanners are built on a new technology platform. Take a look at the robust features that deliver solid ROI.

Take a Deep Look at the DocuMate 6710’s Intelligent Technology

The DocuMate 6710 production scanner features the disruptive economics of exclusive Parallel Scanning and Visioneer On-Board Acuity image processing with PC speed optimization. But here’s a lot more to see: reliable input handling, intelligent scan settings, and expandable accessories.

Parallel Scanning Changes the Production Scanning Landscape

High-speed production scanners come with a hefty price jump compared with midrange production scanners. We feature Visioneer’s exclusive Parallel Scanning – the ability to run up to 10 production scanners from one workstation. Disruptive economics and big savings for our customers.

Why A Scanner? A Guide to Problems Scanners Solve

With the advent of personal and office MFPs and smartphones, why would I need a scanner? It turns out that today’s scanners are better than ever. We’ve built a quick guide to look for signs that you’d be better off with the productivity benefits of our newest document scanners.

Departmental Power Trio Handles Digital Transformation

Today’s workplace is going digital, fast. Yet the physical world is filled with content that needs to be captured and made part of the connected workplace that today’s workers expect. Xerox’s new DocuMate 6400 family of scanners offer award-winning value and performance.

Personal Document Capture for Tight Spaces

Desktop scanners are still a bit too big to earn a space on the desk, and mobile scanners don’t quite handle the paper you need to scan on the road. The new Xerox Duplex Portable Scanner is perfect for small spaces serving the public – as well as paper capture on the road.

Can You Count on Your Scanner in A Pinch?

You’ve invested in scanning to handle daily incoming paper that has to be transformed into digital information in the workplace. But if the scanner is down, the workflow stops. Xerox’s 3-year warranty gives peace of mind to back up the decision to make that investment.

The Easy Way To Find Your Scanner

Mobile, Personal, Flatbed, ADF, Combo, Workgroup, Production? If you’re surprised at the many types of scanners that are available, this simple tool can help you get a better sense of what you need. Once you find your best fit you can check out the details or head straight to our shop to pick one up.

7 Ways Document Scanners Help You Go Digital and Capture ROI

You may be wondering why you should be looking to a scanner for your organization, but aren’t sure how the investment in one more technology tool will pay off. From digitizing archives to handling the paperwork businesses rely on, here's why the right document scanner can prove invaluable.

A New Tool for the Virtual Workforce

The workplace is transforming, and document technology is, too. Millennials are now the majority of the workforce. Virtual work is commonplace. These trends make a digital workplace mandatory. A new breed of portable scanners is the onramp to a digital workplace, wherever work may be.

High-Tech Healthcare in the Real World

Healthcare systems around the world are adopting digital practices. The goal is meaningful, useful information that patients and providers can easily access and share. But paper still persists. Learn how digital technologies and practical paper can peacefully coexist.

Knocking Down The Barriers To Digital Government

Whether at the local or national level, going digital in the public sector will be a long-term undertaking. Despite these changes, paper continues to be a part of citizens’ experience. Managing agency documents is challenging, but capturing them shouldn't be. See how we help.

Addressing the Legal World’s Technology Paradox

Technology is changing the practice of law, from serving documents digitally to finding statutes online and using e-discovery tools. Yet paper is still a big part of law firms and court systems. See where the legal world is—and isn’t—adopting change, and learn how to build better paper-digital bridges.