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Xerox 4800

64-bit BETA Driver for Windows Vista

64-bit BETA Driver Disclaimer

By clicking the link below to download the Xerox Beta Version Driver for your scanner, you agree to the following in addition to the terms of the End-User License Agreement. You acknowledge that this driver is a Beta, non-commercial version, and not an official release, of the software. Xerox has made a good faith attempt to provide that this Beta version of the software will install and uninstall properly, as well as provide an acceptable level of scanning functionality, but makes no representation or guarantee that this software will function or perform as expected. This Beta driver is provided as is, and you accept all risks, including the risks of malfunction, non-function, or other consequences foreseeable or not, and agree Xerox has no legal responsibility. The Beta version will not be supported in any way.

We advise that this Beta version never be used in mission critical scenarios since functionality cannot be warranted.

We suggest that anyone experiencing problems with a Beta Version Driver reinstall a properly certified and supported release.

I agree to the foregoing terms.
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