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Intelligent Capture &
Automated Content Management with Xerox® DocuShare®


Xerox® DocuShare® enterprise content management (ECM) solutions empower you and your organization’s digital transformation, automation to content-centric business processes and deliverance of seamless digital workplace collaboration. Solutions are specifically designed to improve efficiencies, increase employee and business productivity, and empower growth at lower operational costs, thus allowing businesses to focus on strategy and business matters. A mobile, intuitive and cloud-enabled enterprise content management (ECM) platform that can be deployed on-site for greater IT control or via a secure private cloud for enhanced mobility. It provides organizations with robust tools to automate processes and support digital transformation. Easily digitize, store, manage and secure business-critical information in the cloud or on-premise.

When combined with Xerox® Scanners intelligent document capture solutions, hardware and services, achieve an even more robust, synergistic end-to-end capture solution. Enable document-level collaboration capabilities to help departments and distributed teams work more efficiently. Stop moving at the speed of paper. Accelerate and simplify business processes with Xerox® DocuShare®.

Getting Started

  1. Select from one of our Featured DocuShare® Solutions, including:
    • Comprehensive Digital Mail Solutions
    • Accounts Payable Processing Management Solutions
    • Archival & Long-Term Records Management Solutions
    • Student Records Management Solutions
    • HR Records Management Solutions
    • Warehouse & Inventory Management Solutions

    Not finding the exact solution you’re looking for? Talk to a Xerox® DocuShare® solutions specialist to create a tailored solution to fit your precise needs. Five (5) DocuShare® license seats start as low as $495 per month

  2. Select the Xerox® Scanners hardware that best suits your needs.
  3. Not sure what those needs are? Talk to us!

  4. Contact us to book a demo and start your Xerox® DocuShare® journey!


Featured DocuShare® Solutions


Comprehensive Digital Mail Solutions

Digitally transform your mailroom into automated processing & distribution, easy-to-manage mail incoming correspondence machines, supporting mail compliance and hybrid work environments.

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Accounts Payable Processing Management Solutions

Implementing an AP solution can help improve invoicing processes, reduce costs and enhance financial visibility and control. DocuShare® streamlines invoice processing and payment workflows, helping accelerate approvals and reduce turnaround times from days or weeks to minutes.

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Archival & Long-Term Records Management Solutions

Transform records lifecycle, archives, and records management across all stages of the lifecycle, from creation all the way through disposal. DocuShare® helps you digitize, manage, access, and dispose of records while leveraging workflow automation to ensure the security and integrity of records.

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Human Resources Records Management Solutions

Digitize human resources processes to streamline and automate many of the manual tasks associated with HR, from employee onboarding and time tracking to performance reviews. Reduce the time and effort spent on these tasks and free HR staff to focus on more strategic activities.

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Student Records Management Solutions

Educational institutions are expanding their digital processes to manage student records, but success requires the right technology. DocuShare® delivers student records management solutions to digitize, automate, scale and seamlessly integrate student data, boosting productivity and saving time and money.

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Warehouse & Inventory Management Solutions

Organizations are increasingly modernizing warehouse operations, with receiving/packing/shipping documentation digitized and instantly accessible from any device. Transform process flows and connect warehouse systems to departmental business processes with scalable solutions.

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Looking for a solution for your specific industry or department? Let’s talk!

Contact a Xerox® DocuShare® solutions specialist.

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Looking for a solution for your specific industry or department? Let’s talk! Contact a Xerox® DocuShare® solutions specialist.



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