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OmniPage and TextBridge Pro

Optical character recognition is the process of extracting text from an image. This image can result from scanning a paper document or opening an electronic image file. Images do not have editable text characters; they have many tiny dots (pixels) that together form character shapes. These present a picture of the text on a page.

During OCR, OmniPage Pro analyzes the character shapes in an image and defines solutions to produce editable text. After OCR, you can save the resulting text to a variety of word-processing, desktop publishing or spreadsheet applications.

PDF   Description Size Date
  OneTouch 4.0 with OmniPage OCR Features
GermanOP15CSDKAddendum.DE.pdf428.7 KB
EnglishOP15CSDKAddendum.EN.pdf323.2 KB
SpanishOP15CSDKAddendum.ES.pdf464.9 KB
FrenchOP15CSDKAddendum.FR.pdf422.2 KB
ItalianOP15CSDKAddendum.IT.pdf402.1 KB
RussianOP15CSDKAddendum.RU.pdf569.5 KB
  OmniPage Pro 15 User's Guide
GermanOP15Guide.DE.pdf3.4 MB
EnglishOP15Guide.EN.pdf1.1 MB
SpanishOP15Guide.ES.pdf1.4 MB
FrenchOP15Guide.FR.pdf1.3 MB
ItalianOP15Guide.IT.pdf3.3 MB
PortugueseOP15Guide.PT.pdf1.3 MB
RussianOP15Guide.RU.pdf1.1 MB
  OmniPage 14
pdf OmniPage Pro 14 User's Guide   2.62 MB 04-18-05
pdf OmniPage Pro 14 Case Study   422 KB 10-21-04
  OmniPage 12
pdf OmniPage Pro 12 User's Guide   1.45 MB 03-24-05
  TextBridge Pro
pdf TextBridge Pro 98 User Guide   1.36 MB 01-07-03
  TextBridge Pro 8.0 Release Notes   805 KB 05-25-00
pdf TextBridge Pro 9.0 User Guide   2.51 MB 05-25-00