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PaperPort® provides the easiest way to turn paper into organized digital documents that everybody in an office can quickly find and use. PaperPort works with scanners, multifunction printers, and networked digital copiers to turn paper documents into digital documents. It then helps you to manage them along with all other electronic documents in one convenient and easy-to-use filing system.

PaperPorts large, clear item thumbnails allow you to visually organize, retrieve and use your scanned documents, including Word files, spreadsheets, PDF files and even digital photos. PaperPorts Scanner Enhancement Technology tools ensure that scanned documents will look great while the annotation tools let you add notes and highlights to any scanned image.

PaperPort 11

pdf PaperPort 11 Better PDF for Business   1.21 MB
  Release Notes
DanishPP11ReleaseNotes.DA.rtf1.1 MB
GermanPP11ReleaseNotes.DE.rtf1.1 MB
EnglishPP11ReleaseNotes.EN.rtf1.1 MB
SpanishPP11ReleaseNotes.ES.rtf1.1 MB
FrenchPP11ReleaseNotes.FR.rtf1.1 MB
ItalianPP11ReleaseNotes.IT.rtf1.1 MB
DutchPP11ReleaseNotes.NL.rtf1.1 MB
NorwegianPP11ReleaseNotes.NO.rtf1.1 MB
PortuguesePP11ReleaseNotes.PT.rtf1.1 MB
RussianPP11ReleaseNotes.RU.rtf1.1 MB
SwedishPP11ReleaseNotes.SV.rtf1.1 MB
DanishPP11Welcome.DA.pdf61 KB
GermanPP11Welcome.DE.pdf250.5 KB
EnglishPP11Welcome.EN.pdf63.5 KB
SpanishPP11Welcome.ES.pdf250.3 KB
FrenchPP11Welcome.FR.pdf250.3 KB
ItalianPP11Welcome.IT.pdf272 KB
DutchPP11Welcome.NL.pdf253.3 KB
NorwegianPP11Welcome.NO.pdf60.6 KB
PortuguesePP11Welcome.PT.pdf338.2 KB
RussianPP11Welcome.RU.pdf401.5 KB
SwedishPP11Welcome.SV.pdf168.7 KB
  Getting Started Guide
DanishPP11GSGuide.DA.pdf657.4 KB
GermanPP11GSGuide.DE.pdf1.9 MB
EnglishPP11GSGuide.EN.pdf810.9 KB
SpanishPP11GSGuide.ES.pdf1.9 MB
FrenchPP11GSGuide.FR.pdf1.6 MB
ItalianPP11GSGuide.IT.pdf1.8 MB
DutchPP11GSGuide.NL.pdf1.9 MB
NorwegianPP11GSGuide.NO.pdf2 MB
PortuguesePP11GSGuide.PT.pdf1.9 MB
RussianPP11GSGuide.RU.pdf954.1 KB
SwedishPP11GSGuide.SV.pdf2.2 MB

PaperPort 10

  Release Notes
GermanPP10ReleaseNotes.DE.rtf767.5 KB
EnglishPP10ReleaseNotes.EN.rtf762.8 KB
SpanishPP10ReleaseNotes.ES.rtf769 KB
FrenchPP10ReleaseNotes.FR.rtf771.1 KB
ItalianPP10ReleaseNotes.IT.rtf767.5 KB
DutchPP10ReleaseNotes.NL.rtf764.8 KB
PortuguesePP10ReleaseNotes.PT.rtf773.7 KB
GermanPP10Welcome.DE.pdf219.9 KB
EnglishPP10Welcome.EN.pdf180.4 KB
SpanishPP10Welcome.ES.pdf218.7 KB
FrenchPP10Welcome.FR.pdf220.3 KB
ItalianPP10Welcome.IT.pdf218.2 KB
DutchPP10Welcome.NL.pdf218.9 KB
PortuguesePP10Welcome.PT.pdf209 KB
  Getting Started Guide
GermanPP10GSGuide.DE.pdf2 MB
EnglishPP10GSGuide.EN.pdf1.3 MB
SpanishPP10GSGuide.ES.pdf2.1 MB
FrenchPP10GSGuide.FR.pdf2 MB
ItalianPP10GSGuide.IT.pdf2.1 MB
DutchPP10GSGuide.NL.pdf2.1 MB
PortuguesePP10GSGuide.PT.pdf2.3 MB

PaperPort 9

pdf PaperPort 9.0 Getting Started Guide   1.57 MB
  PaperPort 9 Service Pack 3 for PaperPort Deluxe or SE.exe   15.5 MB
  PaperPort 9 Pro Office ONLY Patch.exe   4.8 MB
pdf PaperPort 9 Service Pack 3 Fix List   39.6 KB
pdf Comparison of PaperPort 9 Pro Office and Deluxe   47.5 KB
Download and run the Nuance provided PaperPort Remover utility.
Link to Nuance PaperPort Knowledgebase.