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Scanning Points Compass Toward Better Customer Service

The mortgage industry is notorious for generating massive amounts of paper. Compass Mortgage - a mortgage banker rather than a broker - was no exception. With client mortgage applications averaging 250 pages each, Compass sought a more streamlined, digital solution. They tried scanning the big stacks of paper on a traditional copy machine, but they were disappointed in the copier’s speed and image quality.

Compass found the ideal solution in a Xerox® DocuMate® production scanner and Nuance® eCopy® ScanStation. By scanning up to 100 pages per minute, our production scanner made quick work of Compass’s stacks of client documents. Advanced sensors prevented misfeeds, and the eCopy ScanStation’s full keyboard, mouse and touchscreen made it very easy to scan, convert, share and distribute documents right from the scanner.

Check out Compass Mortgage’s results, and read the case study for more.

 •    Digitally archived entire client library
 •    Dramatically reduced printing and storage costs
 •    Increased employee productivity and document retrieval
 •    Improved customer communication
 •    Significantly sped up mortgage application process

Read the case study  

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