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Global Shipping Company Speeds Hiring, First Trial Saves $30,000 A Year

Anyone who has ever applied for a job, or sifted through job applications, can relate: The hiring process is often slow and cumbersome. Add to that thousands of contract positions with high turnover rates, mountains of applications in multiple formats, and blurry scans, making it impossible for recruiters to contact job applicants. These are the challenges a global shipping company faced at its Africa office. It’s no wonder so many job applications were lost or misfiled, and hiring managers had a hard time filling open positions in a timely manner.

Luckily, Xerox departmental scanners helped get the company’s document processes into shipshape. With dedicated scanners and the right software in place, the company dealt with applications more efficiently, and filled open positions faster. This helped them secure the right amount of contract labor at the harbor to be more profitable and economical.

Check out these highlights, and read the case study for the full story.

 •    First pilot savings of $30,000 per year on document management
 •    Return on investment within just one month
 •    All documents are routed to the correct location—no more lost applications
 •    Easy storage and retrieval so employees can take immediate action
 •    Sharp image quality means no more blurry resumés

Read the case study  

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