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Xerox OneTouch 2400 Drivers and Manuals

If your computer blocks the download for security reasons, you need to click the top bar for options, then try the download again.

If you still have questions, search the KnowledgeBase.

The bundled PaperPort software is not available for download. Click here to order a replacement software disk.


English2400.32.4071218.EN.msi12.9 MB


Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit TWAIN and WIA drivers

OneTouch 4.0 (ver. 4071218)

For instructions on reinstalling your scanner driver, click here.

English2400.32.4071218.EN.msi12.9 MB

OneTouch 2400 Scanner Installation and User Guide - OneTouch 4.0.

Includes troubleshooting and uninstall procedures.

GermanDM3920_Guide.OT4.DE.pdf3.5 MB
EnglishDM3920_Guide.OT4.EN.pdf5.5 MB
SpanishDM3920_Guide.OT4.ES.pdf3.5 MB
FrenchDM3920_Guide.OT4.FR.pdf3.5 MB
ItalianDM3920_Guide.OT4.IT.pdf3.5 MB
PortugueseDM3920_Guide.OT4.PT.pdf3.5 MB
RussianDM3920_Guide.OT4.RU.pdf3.5 MB


Windows - OneTouch Guides
Includes details on OneTouch software.

Chinese (Simplified)OneTouchGuide.CN.pdf2.4 MB
GermanOneTouchGuide.DE.pdf2.4 MB
EnglishOneTouchGuide.EN.pdf2.3 MB
SpanishOneTouchGuide.ES.pdf2.4 MB
FrenchOneTouchGuide.FR.pdf2.3 MB
ItalianOneTouchGuide.IT.pdf2.4 MB
KoreanOneTouchGuide.KO.pdf2.3 MB
PortugueseOneTouchGuide.PT.pdf2.5 MB
RussianOneTouchGuide.RU.pdf2.5 MB
TurkishOneTouchGuide.TR.pdf2.2 MB
Chinese (Traditional)OneTouchGuide.TW.pdf2.4 MB