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Benefits Broker Brings Back Secure, Speedy Scanners

As a major employee benefits brokerage, Vita Companies processes a lot of paper, from medical claim receipts to personal checks. Vita’s team members need to securely deliver these documents to digital IT applications. Decades ago, Vita Companies’ CEO Karl Hansen bought a Visioneer scanner for each employee’s desk. But over the years, as Vita’s workforce grew, the Vita team got rid of individual scanners and replaced them with shared Canon digital multifunction printers in a central print/copy room.

While consolidating devices looked good on paper — time savings for IT, cost savings for the company — the real paper told a different story. Scanned checks came out blurry, odd-sized receipts were difficult to duplicate, and processing sensitive information on a shared device was not ideal for security. Not to mention the lost productivity of employees walking back and forth to the print/copy room all day. Hansen realized employees would be more productive with scanners back on select employees’ individual desks. So he brought in two Xerox® DocuMate® departmental scanners with Visioneer OneTouch software to try out.

Check out Vita’s results, and read the case study for more.

 •    More employee uptime: speedy scanners atop desks reduce trips to print/copy room
 •    Crisp images, even of odd-sized receipts and personal checks
 •    Tighter physical and data security
 •    Easy to install and use with minimal IT involvement/training
 •    Better employee satisfaction

Read the case study  

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