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Faster Customer Onboarding Boosts Satisfaction and Revenue

Leading financial institution BBVA Banco Continental has more than 200 offices, 350 ATMs and 2,900 employees throughout Peru. Its been in business more than 50 years. Like many large, established companies, their document processes were slowing it down. For instance, to consult with a new customer and open a new bank account, it took BBVA Peru about seven days. This slow process risked the bank losing prospective customers. BBVA Peru wanted to speed up workflow by digitizing credit evaluation documents and immediately integrating these into the bank’s existing programs.

We installed 378 Xerox® DocuMate® departmental scanners in all of BBVA Peru’s branches, and trained employees to automatically scan bank credit documents, including applications and plastic ID cards. We helped the bank define a new process for credit approvals and information flows. Once the credit approval department gained success with this new solution, we implemented it across all of the bank’s departments.

Check out BBVA Peru’s results, and read the case study for more.

 •    Immediate file transmission from any branch to headquarters in Lima
 •    Substantial reduction in time to set up new accounts
 •    Revenue growth from new client onboarding
 •    Easy installation, training and maintenance
 •    Expanded scanning in other bank departments

Read the case study  

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