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What is Thin Scanning?

The challenges of managing a distributed workforce are significant and ever-evolving. IT resources spread thin, employees encountering system slowdowns and existing processes not keeping up with the speed of business are just some of the real-world issues organizations need to overcome when capturing and storing documents. With those challenges, however, comes opportunity to re-evaluate – even reinvent – existing business processes.



Xerox Scanners’ innovative thin scanning ecosystem is designed to make document capture fast and easy, eliminating the need to download drivers or scanning applications to local PCs or clients. Starting with a network-enabled Xerox scanner, including the Xerox D70n, Xerox N60w Pro and Xerox W130 network production scanner, your device is capable of connecting directly to highly-secure web-based or “thin” applications, thanks to Visioneer VAST Network© technology powered by TWAIN Direct®. This on-board technology eliminates the need to download drivers or “thick” applications to a local PC or client. True zero-software installation digital capture for both distributed and centralized document capture environments can be yours.

Thin scanning-capable devices have embedded security, image processing and connectivity directly to the cloud. All setup and user operations are done via a web browser, making the solution easily deployable within minutes. Organizations can realize a major benefit by using their devices to scan documents whether they are using Linux, Mac, Red Hat, Ubuntu, SUSE or other flavors of network infrastructure with a web application that supports TWAIN Direct protocol.

Thin Scanning-Capable Xerox Scanners