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Drivers and Manuals | Xerox Mobile Scanners with SD Card

Note: You must uninstall your current driver and OneTouch software to install an updated driver.

If your computer blocks the download for security reasons, you need to click the top bar for options, then try the download again.

This scanner does not use traditional TWAIN and WIA device drivers.

The Xerox Mobile Scanner SD version includes 2Gb SD memory card instead of wireless Eye-Fi card supplied with Xerox Mobile Scanner. Please disregard all references to Eye-Fi features that may be found in documentation below.

"PC/Mac Connect" scanner utility allows you to update firmware online. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions when updating the firmware on your scanner. Do NOT power off scanner or remove the SD card while performing these steps.

MultilingualXMS_Mac_Connect_1.3.112.06063.mpkg.XX.zip35.2 MB
MultilingualXMS_PC_Connect_1.3.115.7247.XX.msi22.8 MB
GermanPC-Connect_Guide.DE.pdf1.5 MB
EnglishPC-Connect_Guide.EN.pdf2 MB
SpanishPC-Connect_Guide.ES.pdf2.1 MB
FrenchPC-Connect_Guide.FR.pdf2.2 MB
ItalianPC-Connect_Guide.IT.pdf2.2 MB
PortuguesePC-Connect_Guide.PT.pdf2.1 MB
RussianPC-Connect_Guide.RU.pdf2.1 MB
GermanPDF_Converter_Pro_Quick_Reference_Guide.DE.pdf974.3 KB
EnglishPDF_Converter_Pro_Quick_Reference_Guide.EN.pdf1 MB
SpanishPDF_Converter_Pro_Quick_Reference_Guide.ES.pdf884.2 KB
FrenchPDF_Converter_Pro_Quick_Reference_Guide.FR.pdf1.1 MB
ItalianPDF_Converter_Pro_Quick_Reference_Guide.IT.pdf881.4 KB
PortuguesePDF_Converter_Pro_Quick_Reference_Guide.PT.pdf914.6 KB
RussianPDF_Converter_Pro_Quick_Reference_Guide.RU.pdf1.3 MB
GermanXMSSD_Guide.DE.pdf2.4 MB
EnglishXMSSD_Guide.EN.pdf1.2 MB
SpanishXMSSD_Guide.ES.pdf2.4 MB
FrenchXMSSD_Guide.FR.pdf2.4 MB
ItalianXMSSD_Guide.IT.pdf2.4 MB
PortugueseXMSSD_Guide.PT.pdf2.4 MB
RussianXMSSD_Guide.RU.pdf2.4 MB


Windows - OneTouch Guides
Includes details on OneTouch software.

Chinese (Simplified)OneTouchGuide.CN.pdf2.4 MB
GermanOneTouchGuide.DE.pdf2.4 MB
EnglishOneTouchGuide.EN.pdf2.3 MB
SpanishOneTouchGuide.ES.pdf2.4 MB
FrenchOneTouchGuide.FR.pdf2.3 MB
ItalianOneTouchGuide.IT.pdf2.4 MB
KoreanOneTouchGuide.KO.pdf2.3 MB
PortugueseOneTouchGuide.PT.pdf2.5 MB
RussianOneTouchGuide.RU.pdf2.5 MB
TurkishOneTouchGuide.TR.pdf2.2 MB
Chinese (Traditional)OneTouchGuide.TW.pdf2.4 MB


  • PC Connect and Mac Connect scanner utilities (to access the scanner removable media from PC/Mac)