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End-to-End Document Capture

Digital transformation efforts involving paper document capture need more than a great scanner. Integrating information from paper into organizations’ digital cloud applications requires several steps – capture workflow, quality improvement, editing and extraction, solution integration, and organization and classification. The Visioneer Intelligent Software Platform delivers a complete end-to-end set of PC applications to simplify these steps. They’re included in all Xerox® scanners at no additional cost, reducing digitalization cost of ownership and improving your team’s productivity.

Scanning Made One-Button Simple

Visioneer was the first company to reduce the many complex steps required in document scanning workflows down to just OneTouch. It’s a powerful yet easy-to-use scan workflow application that can be personalized to meet your specific document scanning needs by letting you customize the scanning experience: scan settings, file formats, image quality, file naming and scan file destinations. All available with one touch of a button.

New users will love our 9 pre-configured workflows for most common jobs. Advanced users can fully customize their own workflows. Under the covers, Visioneer’s TWAIN DriverPLUS and Acuity assure high quality results.


Flexible, Powerful Batch Capture

Scanning jobs aren’t created equal. While OneTouch is perfect for routine jobs, others require the ability to edit, rearrange and merge scanned pages with others. Organizations scanning routine packages – such as invoices, tax forms, or healthcare records – need more control. You need to divide scans into separate files, create indexes of the scanned pages, read and interpret barcodes, and extract data from the scan for other applications. That’s where Visioneer Capture SE comes in.

Capture SE is bundled with new Visioneer or Xerox scanners, easy enough to start up on your own, powerful enough to handle fleet deployments. Installation services are available to get the job done.


Organizer with Automated Classification

Digital transformation is on. Paper is being replaced with PDFs and images from our phones, MFPs and scanners. All of this means that our PCs are being choked with too many files, folders, formats and applications. We need a tool to handle the situation.

Visioneer’s Organizer AI software delivers a new level of automated access to your personal files. An intelligent Classification engine learns and categorizes common-looking files, and you can Tag files as well. Its flexible Fast Search and File Analysis tools, file conversion, built-in PDF editor and Quick Save-to-cloud round out this simple yet powerful new solution. Bundled with all Xerox scanners.


Automatic Intelligent Image Correction

To digitally transform imperfect paper documents, scans need to be crystal-clear and often converted into data. Visioneer’s Acuity image enhancement software automatically improves the visual clarity of every scan. Our advanced algorithms and dynamic thresholding technologies intelligently optimize every scan to capture the sharpest images of your documents. Acuity’s proprietary PC Optimization assures full-speed scanning so your scanner doesn’t pause to catch up.

Acuity includes more than 25 image processing features, from automatic rotation and cropping to color dropout and despeckle, many in hardware via On-Board Acuity. It’s integrated with all Visioneer software.


Best-In-Class Driver Technology

Visioneer DriverPLUS TWAIN and WIA drivers are the underpinning of all Visioneer software. Our fully TWAIN 2X-compliant DriverPLUS provides an impressive array of settings to enable precise customization of scans. End users get an easy Windows interface with helpful tooltips. System integrators get a powerful, completely programmatic driver with global administrative settings and an adaptable API. The Acuity plug-in supports the full set of Acuity features.

DriverPLUS also features the disruptive economics of Visioneer’s Parallel Scanning, which lets up to 10 of the same-model scanners to run concurrently on one PC – each with their own OneTouch job workflows.