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Warranty Terms & Conditions - Xerox Scanners US

Warranty Program

The Warranty Program is designed to get your imaging products back up to speed as quickly as possible, covering telephone troubleshooting, parts and advance-ship replacements. Our Warranty Program offers a great way to predict total costs for support, making budgeting for the year a snap. Please note: You must register your product to activate your warranty. Register here.


The term of this contract commences at date of product purchase and is inclusive of the manufacturer's warranty; it does not replace the manufacturer's warranty, but provides certain additional benefits during the term of the manufacturer's warranty. After the manufacturer's warranty expires, this Service Contract continues to provide the manufacturer's benefits as well as certain additional benefits listed within this Service Contract.

Advance Exchange Warranty

The advance unit replacement includes priority phone access to our technical support and problem escalation team for an unlimited number of incidents. Should our technical support team determine a replacement is necessary, a replacement unit will be shipped in advance via Overnight shipping for next business day delivery. Customers will have 15 days to return the defective unit back to our repair facility to avoid being charged for the replacement unit. Customers are responsible for the shipping and any insurance costs to ship the defective scanner back to our repair facility. Requests for this service processed before 12:00 Pacific Time will ship by the next business day.

On-Site Service Warranty

Should technical support determine that your product is suffering hardware failure requiring service, a replacement will be shipped via Overnight to your location and a technician can be dispatched to arrive the Next Business Day after the replacement has been delivered to exchange the product, verify the replacement unit is working, and then return the defective unit. RMA authorizations from Technical Support must be made before 11AM PST in order for the replacement unit to be shipped that day to arrive at the customer site the Next Business Day. RMA authorizations after 11AM PST may result in the replacement being shipped the following business day. You must provide a safe, non-threatening environment for our technicians in order to receive On-Site service. The original packaging should be used to ship the product back.

Service Contract Limits of Liability

The total payment(s) for all claims under this Service Contract shall not exceed the original purchase price of the covered product(s), excluding taxes. If We determine that the covered Product(s) is not repairable, We may replace the covered Product with a product of like kind and quality, not to exceed the original purchase price of the covered Product. The replacement product will be covered for the remaining period of the Service Contract.

Service Contract Holder's Responsibilities

You must follow the instructions for use in the owner's manual of Your Product. You must have Your Product maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, as outlined in the owner's manual. Failure to follow the manufacturer's maintenance and service requirements may result in the denial of coverage under this Service Contract. We highly recommend (but do not require as a condition of this Contract) the regular back up of data and software. This contract does not cover the cost of data recovery or other consequential or incidental damages.

Purchaser Records

You may be asked to provide proof of purchase as a condition for receiving service under this Service Contract. YOUR ORIGINAL PURCHASE RECEIPT SHOULD BE KEPT WITH THIS SERVICE CONTRACT IN A SAFE PLACE.

Exclusions - What Is Not Covered

  • Normal maintenance, cleaning, or tune-ups
  • Cosmetic defects or damage (such as cracked cases and broken hinges) or defects that do not inhibit the proper operation and performance of the covered items
  • Repair or replacement covered by any other warranty, service agreement, or insurance policy in effect at the time of the failure
  • Repair or replacement due to failure to properly install, operate, maintain, or clean the covered Product in accordance with the local codes and the manufacturer's printed instructions, or from use in any combinations not approved in the manufacturer's specifications, or from any authorized modifications or alterations
  • Repair or replacement due to vandalism, riot, or general environmental conditions, including but not limited to rust, corrosion or mold
  • Any service request which results in customer education or no problem found
  • Conditions which existed prior to Your purchase and delivery of the Product or the Service Contract. Special, indirect, or consequential damages
  • Loss or damage caused by accidental or intentional physical damage, spilled liquids, insect infestation, misuse, abuse or service costs or damage caused by unauthorized repair personnel
  • Personal items left in the product to be repaired
  • Products that are not listed on the Service Contract
  • Theft and loss
  • Loss or damage to the covered product while in the course of transit, delivery, or redelivery
  • Alteration or removal of the serial number
  • Damaged caused by disassembly of the Product
  • Damage resulting from software virus; improper gas or water connections, or electrical wiring and connections in user environment; user facilitated minor adjustments and settings outlined in the product's owners manual; external antenna or local reception problems; inaccessible products or parts; negligence
  • Failures due to dust, animal or insect damage; acts of God such as fire, water, windstorm, sand, dirt, hail or earthquake; civil disorders; nuclear accident


You may cancel this contract for any reason up to 30 days from date of purchase.