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Transforming Pharmacy Operations with McKesson and Xerox Scanners

In the intricate landscape of pharmacy operations, the confluence of technology serves as a catalyst for surmounting challenges and elevating efficiency. McKesson Corporation, a prominent figure in healthcare distribution and technology, in unison with Xerox Scanners introduces innovative solutions that propel real-world complexities into realms of streamlined operations and enhanced patient care.

Unraveling pharmacy operation complexities

Pharmacy management constitutes a multifaceted endeavor. The objective, however, remains straightforward: providing patients with the medications they require to lead healthy lives. In this endeavor, McKesson Pharmacy Systems stands as a resolute collaborator, devoted to partnering with pharmacies in pursuit of this mission. By offering clinical workflow software, the company not only enhances patient care but also drives healthier outcomes.

Orchestrating efficiency in the pharmacy

McKesson and Xerox Scanners introduce a holistic approach to tackling the intricacies faced by pharmacies across a spectrum of operational verticals:

Seamless integration for optimal results: McKesson's software solution works seamlessly with the McKesson-certified Xerox D35 Scanner, empowering pharmacies to efficiently digitize documents and convert them into digital formats. This obviates the need for labor-intensive manual data entry, mitigating the risk of errors while ensuring the swift and precise transfer of information.

Intelligent data extraction and classification: Powered by advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology, McKesson software intelligently extracts machine-readable text from scanned images. This dynamic feature enables the system to automatically categorize documents, sorting them into precise classifications like patient records, medical histories and billing particulars.

Enhanced data extraction and indexing: Taking a step further, McKesson's solution adeptly extracts crucial data points from digitized documents. Patient names, medical codes, and pivotal dates are efficiently extracted and indexed, rendering them readily retrievable and effortlessly searchable.

Integration with pharmacy operations: The Xerox D35 digitized documents and extracted data seamlessly merge with pharmacy operations. This integration empowers pharmacists with a comprehensive view of patient history and medical records, thereby fortifying patient care coordination and fostering informed decision-making.


Automated workflows for enhanced operations: The software's built-in workflow automation capabilities facilitate efficient document routing and processing. Triggered by predefined rules, these automated workflows ensure documents are efficiently routed to appropriate departments, expediting requisite actions.

Elevating Pharmacy Efficiency and Patient Care

The synergies between McKesson's software and The Xerox D35 Scanner result in tangible and transformative outcomes that resonate within the pharmacy landscape:

Amplified efficiency: The streamlined digitization and automation of document management processes mitigate manual bottlenecks, reducing administrative strain and empowering pharmacy personnel to focus on patient care.

Precision perfected: Automated data extraction and OCR technology markedly diminishes the incidence of errors associated with manual data entry, culminating in the precision of patient information.

Real-time accessibility: Digitized documents become seamlessly accessible and searchable, enabling pharmacists to remotely access pivotal patient information in real-time, thus fostering informed decision-making.

Elevated patient care coordination: The integration with pharmacy operations transcends geographic constraints, optimizing patient care coordination and engendering heightened levels of informed decision-making across the pharmacy landscape.

The combination of McKesson and Xerox Scanners underscores the potential of innovative technology to overcome genuine challenges within the pharmacy industry. By assimilating software solutions with advanced scanning technology provided by Xerox Scanners, pharmacies are endowed with the capacity to reimagine document management, recalibrate operational trajectories, and ultimately elevate patient care. This collaboration epitomizes the transformational potency of technology in sculpting the contours of pharmacy's future.

For more on McKesson Pharmacy Systems with Xerox Scanners technology, contact your Xerox Scanners Sales Specialist.