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Upgrading Systems with Kofax and Xerox Scanners Technology

Looking to streamline your content-centric business processes and tackle unstructured data? Staying ahead of the game is critical, which is why Xerox Scanners and Kofax, a leader in intelligent document processing (IDP) technology, can help organizations transform workflows and maximize productivity while achieving overall cost savings.

Millions of Kofax users worldwide have already experienced the benefits of the latest Kofax products, including VRS Elite, Express, and Capture. And with Xerox Scanners, you can pair these products with the very best in modern scanner technology for document capture. Superior image quality, reliability, and speed, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Kofax VRS Elite

The quality of the scans and efficiency of the capture process is critical to optimized downstream workflows. When Xerox scanner technology is combined with Kofax VRS Elite™, the combination works to first capture documents then act like a quality control operator to clean your toughest documents and reveal data so you can access accurate information. Better image quality results in better data quality, and better data quality results in better decision-making.

Benefits of Kofax VRS Elite include:

  • Reduced document prep time
  • Improved OCR/ICR accuracy
  • Eliminating the need for rescans with auto image correction

Conquer challenging documents and improve document processing accuracy using Xerox document scanners with Kofax VRS Elite.

Kofax Express

Kofax Express and Xerox Scanners convert stacks of paper in to actionable, digital content. The combination provides high-speed scanning with real-time image display, indexing and bar code detection.

Kofax Express enables:

  • Direct integrations
  • High-quality image editing
  • Easy adoption
  • Fast document processing

Improve business processes, reduce costs and reliance on paper, improve records management and compliance with Kofax Express™. Anyone can quickly scan, index and export documents for fast retrieval.

Kofax Capture

After documents are captured with Xerox Scanner technology, Kofax Capture integrates content directly into your critical business workflows and systems from any location.

Kofax Capture™ delivers best-in-class, pre-built intelligent document processing capabilities, making AI accessible to your organization to fully automate content-centric workflows. It ingests, classifies and extracts data and turns it into actionable insights for further processing.

Kofax Capture Leader 2022

Kofax Capture benefits:

  • Integrates with any system
  • Is customizable without scripting
  • Has a flexible API


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