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Supermarket Chain Improves Pharmacy Customer Experience

Government regulations require the pharmaceutical industry to be more digital and secure. But tell that to the thousands of customers who bring in paper documents to pharmacies each day. Paper prescriptions, insurance details, drug information and more float between customers’ and pharmacy employees’ hands daily. Our client—a major supermarket chain with pharmacies in 90 percent of its stores—needed a better way to process all that paper.

They found an ideal solution in Xerox® DocuMate® personal scanners and McKesson EnterpriseRx software. The solution offers a high duty cycle, low price point and clean, crisp images. We worked with McKesson to customize and personalize software for our client to meet industry regulations and pharmacy-specific workflows. And the solution plugs easily into each pharmacy’s system.

Check out these results, and read the case study for more.

 •    Faster, more secure customer service
 •    Point-of-sale scanning saves time
 •    Pharmacists easily keep patient records
 •    Integrated pharmacy electronic health system
 •    Compliance with increasingly strict industry regulations

Read the case study  

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