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PARTNER INSIGHTS: Enhancing Document Processing Efficiency with Xerox Scanners and Docsumo

We know customers are constantly seeking ways to streamline operations and improve efficiency to match their rapidly evolving business environments. None are more critical to a business than document processing, where significant time and resources are spent, often ineffectively. With increasing document volume and an ongoing need for speed and accuracy – particularly in finance, insurance, real estate and healthcare industries – manual data entry and document handling processes are too prone to error, lack adequate security and data retrieval capability. Modern organizations require an easy, scalable solution – one that Docsumo software and Xerox Scanners technology can provide.

Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Docsumo delivers intelligent document processing that can extract data from various document types, like invoices, receipts and contracts. The software can process documents in different formats, including PDFs, scans and images, and extract data accurately and efficiently. Docsumo can also automate workflows, reducing the need for manual intervention and streamlining document processing.

The integration of Docsumo with Xerox Scanners allows for seamless document processing; from scanning to data extraction and workflow automation. The combination provides users with the benefits of an intelligent document processing (IDP) system with minimal additional effort, thanks to Docsumo’s convenient and highly secure plug-and-play option. Plus, customizable user controls ensure privacy based on the type of document being scanned, restricting access only to approved documents and/or data. And since all the files are processed in the cloud, it happens in real-time.


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