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PARTNER INSIGHTS: Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) with Xerox Scanners and TCG Process

An organization’s ability to control and adapt its critical business processes can often be the difference between stagnation and growth; failure or success. In many industries, compliance, data accuracy and security represent significant barriers to moving at the speed of business and customer expectations.

Together with the Xerox Scanners technology, TCG Process' artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and bots take process automation beyond document capture alone, applying intelligent automation at the point that data enters the organization’s ecosystem. Companies can model and orchestrate their critical business processes at record speed to support operational demands, improve the customer experience and ensure compliance at every step. Whether it’s a case file for an insurance claim, new employee or customer onboarding, or the many document types in a mortgage loan application, compliance and accuracy are cross-checked across the entire case file or dossier.



Three different capture clients may be used to scan documents with Xerox Scanners and the TCG Process solution:
1. DocSnap mobile app
2. DocProStar Web Scan (browser-based application which works with any TWAIN device)
3. DocProStar Thick Scan Client


Scanned images are normalized for the enterprise with functionalities such as:


  • Deskew
  • Despeckle
  • Auto-rotate inverted/ rotated images
  • Auto-adjust color, brightness, contrast
  • Delete blank pages
  • Change color depth
  • Convert images
  • Resample DPI
  • Resize images
  • Crop images
  • Highlight images


When it comes to classification, DocProStar is used for powerful batch structuring, automatically splitting a PDF document into different individual documents, and then assigning the individual documents to content classes. Documents are automatically created from a set of scanned pages without relying on separator sheets or barcode separators, thus eliminating tedious tasks of the past.

Once all documents are scanned, your team is set to be more productive as actionable business data is readily available. Xerox Scanners and TCG Process empower organizations with modern architecture to bridge the gap between business and IT units with BPMN standards.



Benefits of TCG Process IP

  1. A unified platform and interface
  2. Model out business processes
  3. Orchestrate the entire transaction lifecycle
  4. Platform is third-party services agnostic
  5. Out of the box cross-document validation
  6. Easy to integrate into both legacy and new systems
  7. Gain compliance, real time monitoring and reporting data


Learn more on intelligent document processing with TCG Process: https://www.tcgprocess.com/en-en/learning/resources/ai-and-machine-learning/