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PARTNER INSIGHTS: Streamlining information capture workflows with Xerox Scanners and dbs LiveForms

Today’s dynamic businesses require the ability to constantly capture, process and manage a wide range of new information. Processes and workflows differ widely, depending on departmental, organizational and industry requirements, and the secure storage of the data and documentation must be considered to ensure fast and easy retrieval when needed. IT leaders agree there is a strong business case for digitizing and automating repetitive processes, but without deep technology expertise, deciding how to tie existing workflows in with their IT systems has historically been a major roadblock.

Today, thanks to the powerful imaging technology of Xerox scanners, your business has the ability to digitally capture and manipulate information from documents in scale from a wide variety of hardware footprints. From desktop scanners for individual use, to high-speed network units in production environments, Xerox scanners become even more powerful when paired with easy-to-use electronic forms and document management software such as LiveForms and Docubasefrom dbs Software and Services.


Information Capture Workflow


LiveForms is a low-code electronic forms and workflow software as a service (SaaS) with the flexibility to handle most any workflow and powerful enough to capture and process documents for the most demanding enterprise. Digitizing employee on-boarding, creating a visitor control log to capture identification and automatically print an access badge, capturing shipping manifests directly into inventory forms, or deploying a site survey form that captures pictures, approvals, and customer signatures in a single document are just some of the ways LiveForms simplifies day-to-day operations. Pairing LiveForms with a Xerox scanner provides you with access to a nearly endless spectrum of workflow use case possibilities, backed by decades of document imaging experience.

Completed workflows produce documents that need to be stored securely and instantly accessible when needed. With Docubase, a robust cloud-based document management system, customers have a centralized cloud location to securely store documents and content, with permission-based controls to the information. Documents can be scanned directly from a Xerox scanner into Docubase, improving organizational efficiency, increasing productivity, ensuring information capture compliance and powering collaboration without manual intervention.


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For more on the wide range of powerful use cases combining dbs’ LiveForms and Docubase with Xerox Scanners technology, contact your Xerox Scanners Sales Specialist.