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PARTNER INSIGHTS: Tackling Digital Transformation Challenges with Xerox Scanners and Dynamsoft

When properly managed, saved, evaluated and synthesized, data is your organization’s lifeblood. We rely heavily on the vast information and datasets to ensure smooth daily operations, effective internal and external interactions, and strategic decision-making. Effectively saving, monitoring, tracking, retrieving, and distributing data is crucial to productivity.

With Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN tool and Xerox Scanners hardware, a wide variety of data capture and workflow options are at your fingertips. Dynamic Web TWAIN is a client-side scan control that can interact with Xerox Scanners and other TWAIN devices via web browsers. The Dynamic Web TWAIN software development kit (SDK) is designed for speed, accuracy and scale. With just a few lines of JavaScript, you can develop robust applications to scan documents in all common web browsers. From desktop to production scanning environments, the combination has application across numerous industries, but the following examples highlight industries that desperately require a digital transformation to overcome modern data management challenges:

Finance – Invoices, customer acceptance information, purchase orders, customer and supplier communication, receipts, expense claims, and credit card statements are a fraction of the documents that finance firms and departments handle on a constant basis. Accurate data capture, storage, and management becomes crucial for financial organizations.

Healthcare – Nearly everyone struggles with managing paper-based documents, with healthcare organizations arguably being the most affected. Healthcare institutions deal with a vast array of documents, formats and requirements on a daily basis. This includes identification cards, insurance cards, treatment authorization paperwork, patient charts, etc. Inefficient paperwork and digital procedures has been cited as a root cause of care providers' inability to provide optimal service to patients. Electronic health record (EHR) solutions have been sought after by healthcare institutions to reduce their reliance on paper records.

Government – Public entities deal with a tremendous amount of paperwork every day, often struggling with a few major challenges. The first is ensuring that classified data remains strictly confidential, particularly challenging when managing paper documents that are prone to accidental handling. The second issue is transparency. Paper-based and manual routing techniques make it challenging to provide transparency and ensure data capture and on-demand disclosure is possible when requested. The third aspect is efficiency, which is difficult to achieve with filing cabinets, paper documents, and manual retrieval processes.

Benefits of the Solution
Digitization of paper documents is proving to be vital in lowering administration costs, improving worker efficiency and avoiding data loss. There are more benefits to be realized, including:

  • Reduce costs by minimizing expenses associated with lost or misfiled records, paper and related waste, regulatory infractions, and frequent data input mistakes.
  • Improve efficiency by indexing documents using technologies such as OCR and barcode recognition to gain access to digital documents quickly.
  • Save time by reducing manual data entry and managing many documents more efficiently.
  • Promote collaboration for working on projects by leveraging a consolidated repository of relevant files, even when the teams are working remotely.
  • Robust Security with features such as password protection, multifactor authentication, timely backups, automated deletion, digital archiving, and role-based access control.


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