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PARTNER INSIGHTS: Turn Paper-Based Documentation into Compliant, Archive-Ready, Secure and Searchable Documents with Xerox Scanners and Adlib Software

In the digital era, highly-regulated organizations are under immense pressure to convert paper-based documentation into digital formats that keep up with a growing set of business requirements. Compliance, archiving, security and searchability have become key objectives for such firms and records management professionals. Fortunately, Xerox Scanners technology coupled with Adlib software enables such paper-to-digital initiatives and provides users a complete solution for streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.

Here’s how each of these key objectives can support your business:

Document transformation for compliance

  1. Standardize metadata and indexing to improve document organization and retrieval.
  2. Implement audit trails and version control for better transparency and accountability.
  3. Ensure accurate conversion to machine-readable formats to improve searchability and downstream processing.

Archive-ready digital documents

  1. Choose long-term storage formats like PDF/A to ensure document readability and integrity for decades.
  2. Digitally preserve documents to prevent deterioration and allow easy retrieval.
  3. Reduce the need for physical storage space and associated costs.

Enhancing security through digital transformation

  1. Implement access controls and user authentication to prevent unauthorized access.
  2. Employ data encryption and secure storage solutions to protect sensitive information.
  3. Monitor and track document access and modifications to maintain a secure environment.

Searchability of digital records

  1. Apply metadata and indexing for better organization.
  2. Employ advanced search capabilities to quickly locate relevant documents and data.
  3. Facilitate collaboration and information sharing among team members.

Adlib Software is a global leader in document rendering solutions, with over 20 years in business and 5,000+ customers in 57 countries. Adlib document transformation solution is designed to help organizations scale document workflows, expedite go-to-market activities and improve archival and submissions compliance requirements. The solution automatically discovers and converts information from virtually any document type into easily searchable, shareable formats.


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