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Key challenges in production scanning

Production scanning is all about volume. Serious volume. And yet, in spite of today’s high-speed (and high-cost) production technology, scanners continue to sit idle up to 50% of the day for preparation & loading of the next scan batch. High-speed scanning can also be taxing on your system, slowing down scan processing at the workstation

Parallel Scanning

Applying parallel process architecture to production scanner technology is a game-changer. With Visioneer’s exclusive parallel scanning, our customers can connect up to TEN Xerox scanners to a single host PC, run them at the same time, without impacting document capture speed. A truly innovative approach that puts more productivity in production scanning.


Disruptive Economics

Uptime isn’t the only way our customers save with parallel scanning. The hardware cost of two Xerox W110 Scanners (delivering 240 page per minute scanning) comes in at less than half of competitors’ mid-range 135 ppm scanners. Three W110 Scanners (360 ppm) cost over 70% less than competitive 210 ppm high-speed production devices. Disruptive, without a doubt.

Parallel Scanning in action

See how our exclusive Parallel Scanning technology changes the game for production scanning.

All about Xerox W110 and W130 production scanners